May this site contribute to the blossoming of the Peace Kingdom in the Era After the Coming of Heaven. Here we will explore and develop the ideas and works of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, the True Parent of humankind and the King of Peace.
        The premise of PeaceGod.Org is that Father Moon's words are to be taken at face value contingent only on best efforts to understand their meaning as traced to their root language (Korean) and their root cultural context (Father Moon’s hometown in then Japanese-occupied Korea).
        The site is launched as a nearly empty shell that can fill up and grow through time.

  • Language is the first area to be developed under the theme of “Creating Korean as the Universal Language.” Programs for learning to read Unification scripture in Korean will be added there during 2009.
  • The God section includes one foundation article on “Unchangeability and Changeability in the Original Image.”
  • The Worldview and Culture sections have no content except for a brief introduction at present.

    Comments are welcome.
    G. Carroll Strait
    November 12, 2007